Detailed Reporting & Consensus Building

Online marketing experts can track exactly where visitors click on a website. WatchThinkVote uses this technology to identify consensus points within polarized groups.

Technology tools can be used to achieve almost anything online. We use them to build consensus. We use them to find where people agree on things. We use them to undo polarization. We are open and transparent. Participants can be anonymous or let the world know who they are -- and both can share their views on the topics presented.

Lots of people say they are interested in dialogue. Constructive dialogue breaks the pattern of repeating a position over and over again. Dialogue works when people find common ground and start a NEW conversation. WatchThinkVote is dedicated to changing the conversation in hopes that new solutions can be found.

How it Works

Tap right, left or center.  Employing the current user standard for mobile platform navigation, WTV participants are prompted to easily weigh-in on a tree of related topics. Our proprietary software can reveal to users, where they find common ground with people who they may have disagreed with previously.


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