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Raising awareness on complex issues is not enough. The whole point of telling interactive stories on WatchThinkVote is to show policy makers what is important to you. Data collected here is used to facilitate policy change. Anyone can see it. We are happy to share it. We are open. We are transparent.


Everyone is invited to participate. We strongly reject the narrow limitations of "liberal" and "conservative" thinking. We do reject extremist ideological thinking on every level. We reject fear mongering. We reject pandering to base instincts. We reject oversimplification of complex issues. We reject distilling life's most sensitive and complex issues to silly sound bites to grab headlines, win elections and sell advertising.


No one group can claim ownership of values, morals and ethics. Respect for the Earth and moral economic choices are not strictly "right" or "left" values. We are digging deeper to uncover the core human principals of connectedness, stewardship, tribe and love.


You are smart. You have valid ideas. Your feelings matter. You are not alone. You are welcome here. You know what is right. You are part of something important. You are a member of our tribe. You Rock!