Single Topic: Hosted on WatchThinkVote

$4,500Hosted on WatchThinkVote
  • No Setup Fee
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  • Choose from our Wireframe Templates
  • Established Look and Feel
  • Custom Skip Logic (up to 15 pages)
  • Custom Landing Page / Call to Action
  • Creative Commons Images
  • Stock Audio
  • Free Dashboard on Google Analytics
  • Custom Goal and Event Tracking
  • Includes 40 Creative Service / Consulting Hours

Single Topic: Private Hosting / Analytics

$10,000Created and Hosted for your Brand
  • $3500 Setup Fee*
  • Custom Wireframing Process
  • Your Brand Look and Feel
  • Custom Skip Logic (up to 25 pages)
  • Custom Landing Page / Call to Action
  • Creative Commons & Stock Images
  • Custom Audio / Stock Audio
  • Private Dashboard and Google Analytics Account
  • Custom Goal and Event Tracking
  • Includes 80 Creative Service / Consulting Hours

Community & Curriculum

Call UsPowered by WatchThinkVote
  • LMS or CMS Setup
    WatchThinkVote can build you a community and get the most accurate data by using a Learning Management System, or a Content Management System. Participants create accounts and track their participation. Communities can offer forums and groups. Building your community will add value to your brand and keep participants engaged.
  • Graphic Design / Branding
    Basically we are building a website here. All the same details that go into a website design will be considered in setting up your platform. One way to think about it is to compare it to your own online university, with WatchThinkVote courses and a community.
  • Topics Planning and Execution
    This large scale project is designed to provide a catalog of topics, released to the public in any way that fits in with your goals. Important to remember though, is that to be most effective follow up with new WatchThinkVote presentations that build upon previous efforts.
  • Sharing of Data
    Your data will be captured in Google Analytics. Google Analytics data can be shared in a number of ways. If your data is open and transparent to your community, you will get better participation. We suggest you share your data.
  • Public Assessment of Outcomes
    Outcomes in WatchThinkVote can be many things. When creating content, we map decision trees. Any click or page load can be set up in Google Analytics as a goal. Assessing your goals with your community can give you the building blocks for further conversations and policy recommendations.
  • Revisiting Issues at Consensus Points
    Your community will grow and thrive with good follow-up. Roll out new WatchThinkVote presentations over time.
  • Delivering New Content
    Pick up new conversations at previously discovered consensus points. This allows people to stop arguing about the things we know we disagree on, and begin productive conversations in the gray area.
  • Strengthening Community.
    Your learning management, or content management system will have a social component. Message boards, personal profiles and groups will allow your community members to meet each other.


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Compare our hosted solution vs. a custom setup for your company.

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